Just Aerial Photography - Large Estate

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abingdon aerial wm.jpg

Just Aerial Photography - Large Estate

from 299.00
For Homes 3000 to 5500 Sq Ft or Land Parcels 20-50 Acres


√ Extremely-High-Resolution Images

√ High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) Photos

√ 2-day turnaround time

√ FAA-Certified

√ Insured

√ Free Travel within 2 hour drive of Asheville, NC!


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Note For Aerials: If the location to be filmed is in within the bounds of controlled airspace (like near an airport), airspace authorization must be applied for with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and it can take up to 60 days to get approval (we usually get approved within 30 days or less, but it can take up to 60 days max). Airspace authorization must be obtained prior to any flights within controlled airspace.

Weather is a limiting factor. Strong winds can knock a drone right out of the sky. We follow the weather closely before every shoot to stay apprised of any possible bad weather. All aerial bookings come with a back-up day scheduled in case of bad weather. To that end, we reserve the right not to fly if winds are above 10mph at the time of filming.

HDR = High Dynamic Range - All photos will be shot in high dynamic range. This is a process of merging multiple snapshots of the same image, taken at incremental exposure changes, so that no parts of the image are either too blown out (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed). This process produces images that are most like your eyes see in real life! Some folks will charge extra for this premium. We don't!

All Aerial photography and videography shot on a DJI Inspire drone