Film & Media

Produced by Brave Sir Media. Written by Mandy Hughes. Starring Mandy Hughes and Chris Evans. (2017)

We are content creators

Brave Sir Media is made up of husband and wife duo, Josh & Leah Hartigan, each bringing an extensive background in film production. We strongly believe that this is the best time to be alive as independent filmmakers. For significantly less than what it used to cost, now anyone can buy a nice camera and make a film. However, having a nice camera is only one part of creating film & media.

What comes next is the intricate process of crafting a story with complex characters and ideas, collaborating to design the overall look with detailed shotlists and pre-production planning, finding the right cast and get the point. There are many details involved in producing content, but what makes our work stand out is our attention to all these nitty-gritty details.

production value

Ever wonder what exactly makes a movie look cinematic? A number of things, really...

For starters, the quality of equipment being used for camera, lighting, and grip, as well as the know-how to use them. Brave Sir Media utilizes current technology by filming with a 4k ultra-high-definition camera and premium lenses, both stage-quality and soft lighting kits, as well as camera jibs, sliders, teleprompters, and a bunch of other awesome equipment to help get the shot. Additionally, we have a DJI Inspire drone that is excellent in creating crane or dolly shots, adding even more production value.

But it's not just About fancy equipment...

Regardless of what equipment a filmmaker chooses to work with, the true challenge is in the development of a strong story and characters, and bringing it to life in the most cinematic way, even when working on a budget. This is where we come in.

Not only have we spent years and hard-earned dollars to buy equipment to make movies, but we also bring the experience and technique needed to turn it into a cinematic work of art. With Leah's knowledge in creative producing and pre-production, and Josh's skills in cinematography and post-production, we are the perfect team to bring your idea to the screen.

Let's create something together

Most of all, we love collaborating with other writers, actors, and artists to develop creative content. If you have an idea, we would love to talk, brainstorm, and work with you to make it happen.